Diesel Rock Bombes

Diesel Rock Bombes were an alternative rock group active in Phoenix, Arizona during the 1990s.

Band members were Greg Sneed – guitar and vocals, Jimmy Peggie – bass and vocals and Darrell Stackhouse – drums and backing vocals.

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Photos and memorabilia relating to Diesel Rock Bombes

Alive at the Jar – live recording at the Mason Jar, Phoenix during 1997.

About the Diesel Rock Bombes


“I first met Greg in the early nineties as we worked together.  We were the same age (I was just 10 days older than him) and discovered that we had similar tastes in music as we had both come of age during the original punk era.  He lived very close to me and so we would hang out on Saturday afternoons and play records and talk about music.  Eventually we decided we should do it too and so started playing cover versions of our favorite tunes.  Greg had a guitar and I picked up a used bass from a pawn shop.  Thus the Diesel Rock Bombes came into existence….”  Jimmy

“The band name came from graffiti I had seen sprayed on a wall in Paris, France in the 1980s.  I remember thinking at the time that it would make a great band name…”  Jimmy

“Darrell came from a different musical background than Greg and I.  He had already played with different bands and also been in the recording studio.  Greg and I were driving around and bumped into Darrell at a Circle K.  I knew he was a drummer and so asked him if he wanted to be in a band.  He said yes.  That was that…”  Jimmy


“Low fi, high energy, ecstatic brilliance. 20 years on, the rock bombes are still sending out tasty shockwaves. Shoot the sonic curl. You’re gonna love ’em!”  Brad

“You guys had some rocking jams!”  Tyler

“Listened to the whole thing on my ride home. Reminds me of Social Distortion, The Police, The Clash, and Edwyn Collins. Good stuff, doesn’t sound like you now at all.”  Pete

Very cool! You guys sounded legit.”  Pam

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